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SunClean Windows

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Sun Clean Self-Cleaning Glass®

Sun Clean Glass® is a new self cleaning glass technology created by PPG industries. It uses a durable transparent coating that is fused to the surface of the glass with high temperatures during the production of the glass. This glass is available in almost all Suburban Construction replacement windows with one goal in mind, that you spend less time cleaning your windows and more time doing the things you love. To learn more about the Sun Clean Glass take some time to watch the short video or navigate the links below.

How Does it Work?

The durable transparent coating on SunClean self-cleaning glass helps to keep your glass clean through to processes, the photocatalytic process and the hydrophilic process. Both processes uses resources that are abundantly available, the sun's UV light and water. The end result, less time cleaning your windows!

Photocatalytic process

Photocatalytic Process

The sun's UV light energizes the SunClean glass causing it to slowly break down and loosen dirt and grime. Even on cloudy days and in shaded areas UV light is available so this is an ongoing process.
Hydrophylic Process

Hydrophylic Process

When water hits SunClean glass it spreads out creating a sheeting action. This action makes the water effective in removing loosened dirt. The sheeting action also causes the window to dry quickly with minimal spotting and streaking.

How Durable Is It?   

PPG® wanted to make sure that SunClean self-cleaning glass can withstand even the toughest of conditions, to do this they tested SunClean glass in an independent laboratory to see if it held up to the challenge. They subjected SunClean glass to 90 days of extreme heat (180°F) and extreme cold (-20°F). It was also subjected to a salt spray from a 60mph torrent of salt water. In the end SunClean self-cleaning glass held up and its self-cleaning properties were just as effective as before the test. SunClean glass can withstand even the toughest of weather conditions making its effects long lasting, no matter where you live.

Your Life Made Easier

If you decide on Suburban Replacement windows with SunClean® glass you'll notice some differences right away, differences that will make your life easier.

Day One

Upon having windows with SunClean glass installed you'll want to do immediately what you would with any normal window, wash them. After this initial washing you'll also notice the window's properties don't work right away. SunClean glass needs a few days of exposure to UV light to reach it's full effectiveness. You'll also notice that the SunClean glass has a slightly brighter appearance from the outside but looks the same as a traditional window from the inside of your home.

Months Later

Within a few short months of having SunClean self-cleaning glass windows, you'll notice how little time you have spent washing your windows, when all you have to do is hose them off from time to time. Even thunderstorms seem like a great way of letting nature do the work for you! Next time the sun comes out, you'll be able to enjoy a brighter home without the hastle of cleaning your windows.

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