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Egress Windows

When considering safety equipment for your home in time of emergency, we all think of fire extinguishers, medical first aid kits, smoke detectors or even handy access to our doctors, police and fire emergency telephone numbers.

How often do we think of an egress window for that basement bedroom or living space for times of emergency?

Remodeling your basement is one of today's most popular home improvement projects so homeowners may enjoy carefree living space for recreation, hobbies or bedroom space for overnight guests. When planning your project, you must include an egress window for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Should basement stairs become blocked by fire or thick, black smoke, you could become trapped and sustain life threatening injuries or even death without an escape route.

In this event, rescue workers may have no chance of getting to you in a timely manner and could be forced to stand by helplessly as you are trapped with no means of rescue or escape.

According to the International Building Code, egress windows are required in every room used for sleeping purposes and in basements with habitable space. If you decide to finish your basement, to create habitable space or a sleeping room, an egress window must be part of your plan.

An egress window must satisfy all IBC criteria:
  • Minimum width of opening, 20"
  • Minimum height of opening, 24"
  • Minimum net clear opening, 5.7 sq. ft.
  • Maximum sill height above floor, 44"

A wide variety of glass and window designs are available for consideration for your project.

The most popular and affordable choice is our egress casement window that is specifically designed to open wider than standard for easier exit.

All our egress windows come in a variety of interior and exterior colors for your specific application as well.
Basement egress windows must also have a permanent window well, which also must meet certain criteria and standards for code compliance.

Basement window wells must:
  • Allow the escape window to be fully opened.
  • Contain at least 9 sq. ft. of "floor space" with a minimum dimension of 36" x 36".
  • Contain a permanently installed ladder for easier escape.
  • Must be constructed of a material that is permanent or designed to resist decay and rot.
  • Covers are permitted.
Suburban Construction has the experience to understand the importance of strict compliance to codes and has the expertise to start and complete your project in a timely manner.

We do all the work for you!

We will:
  • Assess your needs and help you design your project.
  • Excavate and remove soil from the exterior.
  • Cut through and remove concrete from the new opening.
  • Frame in and install your new window.
  • Install the window well and add pea gravel for proper drainage.
  • Finish the interior and exterior to your desired specifications.

Suburban Construction understands that you may feel the entire process of installing an egress window is a big hassle- -And it is.

You may also feel that you can't afford the expense of the window project at this time.

But keep in mind, "Can you afford to not install an escape route for the protection of you and your children?"

We have completed many egress installations in the past and will do your project to ensure your safety, so you may enjoy your newly created basement living space.

Your Suburban Construction account manager is familiar with code requirements and will help you choose the proper and most affordable installation for your home.

He is the expert!

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